The Unimog in the Public Service Sector

Greater driving and operating comfort than a truck, faster and more fuel-efficient than any tractor, and more customising options than any series-produced vehicle. Take advantage of a premium operating potential on a daily basis. One feature developed especially for the Unimog is VarioPilot® steering. Simply move the steering column from the left to the right-hand side of the cab. In this way you can accomplish numerous jobs in cost-effective one-person operation. Exchanging implements and mounting bodies is also completed in no time – thanks to the Unimog's quick-change system. And if you want to be even more efficient, the versatile equipment-carrying design enables you to carry out several operating processes in a single run. This means you can lower your costs and utilise the Unimog all year round.

Exceptional circumstances: dangerous situations such as floods, mudslides or extremely heavy snowfall. With the Unimog you can remain operational and offer assistance under even the most severe conditions. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is irreplaceable.

The Unimog in the Energy Sector

Whether you are exploiting new energy sources, working in open-cast mines, or are in charge of the maintenance and servicing of extensive power supply lines. Its unique chassis and implement-carrying concept permits the Unimog to reach those inaccessible, remote spots which are most crucial for the daily business of the energy industry, swiftly and fully laden.

Should a problem occur – such as a failure in the power network – your Unimog will soon get you back up and running. It will transport crew, measuring equipment, tools and materials to where they are needed – without having to transfer the load to another vehicle. You will be able to set up your site and address the problem without wasting valuable time. Better performance, lower costs: The calculation works to your advantage.

The Unimog in Fire and Rescue

Nature can strike in seconds. Mud slides can cut off houses and whole communities from the outside world. An earthquake can wipe out whole regions in seconds. Flooding can threaten livelihoods. Forest fires can destroy villages and towns. A tsunami can wreak havoc on vast swathes of land. Tornados can destroy a region’s infrastructure. When every second counts, Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks are the vehicles of choice for fire services, police forces, technical support agencies, communities and organisations throughout the world.

Road Rail Applications

"On road or rail.."

Start off by shunting heavy loads on rails, then skip off the tracks and drive on the road to where the next rail task awaits you. Only one vehicle can do this – the Mercedes-Benz Unimog road-railer.

Great pulling power: with the Unimog road-railer you have a fully fledged shunter at your disposal. It is perfectly adapted for a hauling capacity of up to 1000 t. It is equipped for exceptional ease of operation and comfortable driving. Not only do you save up to 60% on the purchasing cost over a conventional shunting locomotive, you also save significantly on fuel and other service products. And you save additional money in maintenance, service and intermediate/main inspections. The Unimog's direct on-track/off-track capabilities help to save you time and money. Simply drive the Unimog on the road to the next job and transfer it to the tracks again using a lifting and pivoting system in a matter of minutes. All you need is an embedded track section of approx. 5 metres in length.

As a professional equipment carrier, the Unimog road-railer can also be utilised for a huge range of tasks within the rail track infrastructure. From cutting back overgrown trees to track cleaning and maintenance, from maintaining overhead lines to clearing snow from the tracks. You can also convert the Unimog for work operations away from the track, e.g. a winter service vehicle for your plant site.

The Unimog in Agriculture

Don't get bogged down when the road runs out. In light of growing costs and more demanding working environments, farmers and agricultural contractors in particular want quick and efficient transport solutions. Boasting a broad spectrum of capabilities, look no further than Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks when commuting between fields, roads and silos. It combines impressive off-road strength and ground-protecting operation in the field with safe and rapid transportation on the road. It also delivers high payload capacities and outstanding tractive power. Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks meet complex requirements – at the same time keeping fuel consumption low. This translates into enhanced user benefits and reduced cost per kilometre. The Unimog delivers economic performance you can count on.

Combining elements considered incompatible

Offering equipment variants for mowing, clearing, spreading, milling, cleaning, sweeping and transporting, the Unimog U 400/U 500 is ideally suited to a broad range of applications. It can be configured more specifically than any other series-production vehicle in its category. Four attachment/mounting areas offer almost unlimited possibilities. It is more versatile and boasts more powerful off-road capabilities than any other AWD truck and, with a top speed of 90 km/h, is quicker than any other tractor vehicle. And its low fuel consumption also makes it a compelling proposition.

The Unimog U 4000/U 5000

With its unique off-road capabilities, the Unimog U 4000/U 5000 is a compelling proposition. Key features include a flexible frame concept for high body rigidity on the road, enormous torsional flexibility for off-road applications, a superior AWD concept with differential locks at both axles, and portal axles to ensure high ground clearance.


Surface mining

The Unimog is ideally suited to deployment in surface mining. It is at home on all surfaces and can reach places normally accessible only to tracked vehicles. The Unimog delivers outstanding performance, even under extreme conditions: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Exploration & Expedition Work

Capable of handling unmarked terrain, extreme temperatures and environments without infrastructure, the Unimog is also the ideal vehicle for exploration/expedition work.

High-voltage construction and maintenance work

An electricity supply does not always guarantee road access. With its compact design and outstanding off-road capabilities, the Unimog will get you there every time – and deliver the utilities you require.

Pipeline construction

Gas, oil, water and electricity – the Unimog is ideal for utility supply work, e.g. as a transport vehicle with a crane or clamshell attachment or as a cable drum vehicle.

Model Series

Chassis design: unparalleled worldwide

In short: Your ideal work and transport vehicle operating in even the most challenging conditions. Now nothing can stand in the way of perfect off-road deployment. It is ideal for use in fighting forest fires, for example, or as an emergency vehicle for disaster relief work, or for maintenance tasks in the energy industry. It covers terrain that other vehicles cannot reach – the Unimog U 4000/U 5000.